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I grew up in London where I first started to carve out my career as an artist, musician and curator. While learning my trades at art school, I moved north and now live and work in Cumbria, where I also picked up the additional careers of mother, wife, fellwalker and retailer. I draw inspiration from the scenery, wildlife and characters of the surroundings of the nearby Lake District, though the subjects and meanings within my work are not limited to this.

Recent projects have been paper-based art that ranges from collage pieces to bookbinding to hand-lettering, to illustrations and sketches using inks and charcoal, even biro. Through this range of media, I try and convey the raw energy of nature, humour, and the bold dynamism and enjoyment of making marks upon a page.

I’ve dabbled in digital media, on occasion teaming my music with film. Overall though, my favourite thing is to put pencil to paper. I’m constantly learning new crafts and techniques. Future ambitions include one day creating a book for children and finding new and better ways to connect my art with my music and curatorial ideas.

In fact, I think that life can be almost entirely mapped out and understood through connections. Connections between natural and man-made worlds, people and other animal species, past and present, conscious and subconscious and all those spaces in between. I hope that my art helps plot some of these points and indeed connects with you in some way. If it does, then get in touch, let me know. I so love finding out more about people and why art moves them.